unknown ground (2021) – the soil is also connected to the specific place and, with detailed knowledge, at the same time to the whole – a part of identity, memory and change. The conscious exploration of the surrounding but also the distant structure and texture also leads to differentiated perception as familiar environments.

deep ground (2022) The complexity, interpretation and meaning are hardly apparent on the surface. Under the surface is the hidden, the evolving, the past and the future. Connections, effects and interactions of the components under and above the ground.



heaven and soil (2022) The children’s game of earth, heaven/hell drawn on the floor, which had its origins in the most diverse cultures and societies and continues to exist today in countless forms and variations, also symbolically represents in its abstraction the connection of the symbiosis, which is hardly noticed by us, but also the mutual dependence of the elements.




lost reference (2021) Perceptions of nature gave rise to images of the world which, in connection with the seasons and times of day, provided an idea, a picture of the course of life from the beginning, the cycle of birth, to the end, death. Metaphorically expanded in the religions and provided with a fixed set of rules, the whole of life was integrated into fixed structures with rites and guidelines.



misguided discourse (2019/2021) Fears and temptations, the greed for quick fame through pure self-promotion, the power and attraction of violence – what are the hidden causes of the strange-looking excesses of some discussions?



the takeover



traces and memories simply a question of what remains – of me, of society, of the time experienced. Due to the possible manipulations of the memories or processes that have become almost unmanageable in the meantime, simply recorded on various media or justly corrected by the media, the complex connections of the virtual with the real traces result in a picture that is often completely detached from the actual events.



the inner and outer forms the role of light and memory as causes of the most diverse perceptions: the outer and/or the inner form, the outline, the shadow or the trace of light as a reconstruction of a previously closed object that is no longer visible, has disappeared or lies outside the memory.



light and perception templates the awareness that we always perceive only a section and part of the whole, the question arises as to whether the overall picture we have completed corresponds to an image of reality. By removing, reflecting, rotating or fragmenting individual or all visible fields of light and shadow and the question about the depth and nature of these, variants of the originally completed overall picture and the evaluation and meaning contained therein arise.

signs and icons Shape, light and colour, size and proportions, fragmenting and dissolution, position and relation to the surrounding space, combinations and arrangement change the statement or add to it. In the context of socialisation and the changing perspective, original and hidden information and meanings are revealed in the objects.



media and communication



horizons and infinity



society and values in a society in which almost everything is in abundance and affordable for a large part of society by means of mass production, reference and appreciation are changing in the opposite direction.


developments changes and mutations




place and time